What Do Sunday’s Midterm Results Mean for Argentina?

Latin America Advisor

On November 16, The Inter-American Dialogue’s daily Latin America Advisor published a commentary by Cefeidas Group Public Policy, Risk & Strategy Lead Specialist Martín Planes and Specialist Roland Huxley. They commented on the governing coalition’s loss in Argentina’s midterm elections and analyzed the impact on President Alberto Fernández’s agenda and the outlook for a deal with the International Monetary Fund:

“In an effort to preempt concerns over the election’s impact on the economy, President Alberto Fernández released a prerecorded national address in which he announced that he will be sending Congress a bill in December that includes a multiyear economic program based on agreements reached with the IMF, crucially with the support of the entire governing coalition, including Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. While there has been little change to the balance of power in the lower house…the government has lost quorum in the Senate. As such, Fernández’s call in his address for dialogue and collaboration reflects a new dynamic in which the government will depend on the backing of legislators from provincial parties to pass legislation, making it more politically costly to do so, albeit not impossible.

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