Cefeidas Group Managing Directors highlighted in UdeSA Law Department Annual Report

Anuario 2016 Departamento de Derecho

Anuario 2016

The University of San Andres (UdeSA) Law Department, in its 2016 annual report, has profiled its Corporate Governance Program, which Cefeidas Group Managing Directors, Santiago Chaher and Juan Cruz Díaz co-direct.

The program, launched in March 2016, connects theory with corporate governance practice. In its first university year, it has contributed significantly to advancing the corporate governance field in Argentina.

At the program’s launch in March, Marcos Ayerra, President of Argentina’s National Securities Commission; Daniel Blume, Director of Financial and Business Affairs at the OECD; and Juan Munguira, Legal Advisor of the International Department at Spain’s National Stock Market Commission, came together to discuss advances in corporate governance internationally. Since then, the program has hosted a panel discussion focusing on the role of corporate governance in startups. A book launch by one of the programs members, in September saw a panel of experts analyze the landscape in Argentina. Panelists discussed corporate governance practices such as the integration and remuneration of directors and their responsibilities, the passive role of public company shareholders and corporate social responsibility.

The primary objective of the program is the study of corporate law with a focus on corporate governance. As part of the Corporate Law Masters at UdeSA, the program hosts a five-class seminar program, exploring international regulatory standards, the state in its role as regulator, the role of law in capital markets, the legal and fiscal responsibility of directors and the board, shareholder responsibilities and rights, and the regulations and practices of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), family owned businesses, company groups and startups.

The program aims to create a community of experts, institutions and students within the university by providing a space for theoretical and practical discussion on the latest trends in the corporate field.

The Program represents Argentina in the World Bank-OECD Academic Network, a joint initiative for the study of corporate governance.

Led by Mr Chaher and Mr Díaz, the program is comprised of professors of the Department of Law at UdeSA including Javier Agranati, Marina Bericua, Guillermo Burman, SebastíanElías, Marian Esmelían, Lucas Grosman, Fernando Madina, Guillermo Mizraji, Jorge Ortíz and Ramiro Salvochea.