Challenging Environments

Increase your strategic clarity. Anticipate and manage political, regulatory and social factors that have important implications for companies and investors and may influence the success of a venture.

Corporate Dynamics

Unlock your value. Sound governance practices that enhance the synergy between shareholders, boards, managers, and stakeholders, will help your company grow, embarking in a long-term sustainable corporate strategy.

Sustainable Solutions

Add an innovative and trustable resource. A comprehensive and unbiased external perspective will provide effective tools for better decision making, improving performance, and building successful strategic relationships in difficult markets.

Cefeidas Group is an international advisory firm that helps its clients advance their business objectives in Latin America. We provide professional services in political and regulatory risk, corporate governance and compliance, M&A and investment support and strategic affairs.

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Political and Regulatory Risks



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Strategic Affairs


In the Press

Argentina Erupts Amid Pension Reform

In an article written by Remi Lehmann on December 27 for Belgian newspaper De Tijd, lead specialist in the political and regulatory risk team at Cefeidas Group, Heidi Lough, commented on recent demonstrations held in protest of the Macri administration’s controversial...

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What is ByMA and how does it work?

In an article written by Christian Atance, for Apertura, on November 24, managing director of Cefeidas Group, Santiago Chaher commented on Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (ByMA) and its potential based on Brazil´s Novo Mercado as a model. General Secretary Luis Alvarez...

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