Argentina inflation stings as people brace for president’s radical change

On March 28, Juan Cruz Diaz, our managing director, was quoted on an article by “The Christian Science Monitor”. 

The article discusses the economic and political situation in Argentina under President Javier Milei.
Despite high hopes for change, Milei’s administration has faced challenges in implementing its policies, with legislative obstacles and ongoing economic struggles, including high inflation and increasing poverty levels.
Diaz suggests that monthly inflation is a crucial indicator for measuring the success of President Javier Milei’s administration. He implies that if Milei can demonstrate a decrease in inflation, it would significantly boost his credibility and support among his followers. Additionally, Díaz mentions that Milei might postpone relaxations on certain price controls for another month or two to maintain lower inflation figures, which could provide concrete evidence of progress to the population and buy more time for Milei to implement his reforms.

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