Argentina holds breath as far-right Milei seizes narrow runoff advantage

On November 19, during Argentina’s election day, our Managing Director, Juan Cruz Diaz was quoted by The Guardian where he commented on the Argentine presidential election, specifically on how Sergio Massa, the finance minister and a centrist member of the incumbent Peronist administration, could use Javier Milei’s volatile character as a path to the presidency. 

He also expressed his perspective on Javier Milei.

Milei doesn’t have a single governor, Milei doesn’t have a single mayor, and his presence in congress is extremely limited. He will face fierce resistance from social movements. So I’m not sure how likely major reforms are in the first two years.” 

Additionally, he commented that traditional politicians, such as Mauricio Macri, might play a major role in Milei’s administration, potentially moderating his agenda.

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