Prospects for a Mercosur-EU Association Agreement grow dimmer

Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director, Juan Cruz Díaz, coauthored with Carlos José Cruz Infante, PhD Candidate, University of Rome La Sapienza, an article titled “Prospects for a Mercosur-EU Association Agreement grow dimmer” that was published by “The Loop, ECPR’s Political Science Blog” on November 8.

In this article, they discuss the long-running negotiations between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur, to establish an Association Agreement that would liberalize trade between the two blocs.

The article highlights the intricate challenges that have plagued the negotiations, including the EU’s focus on environmental concerns, protectionist pressures in both blocs, internal divisions within Mercosur, and external factors like energy crises and global conflicts.

It also explores the potential alternatives for Mercosur if the agreement with the EU is not finalized, including exploring trade with other partners that impose fewer regulatory demands or turning to China, which has growing commercial influence in South America.

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