In Argentina, Some See a Détente Among Leaders

Americas Quarterly

In an article written by Nick Burns for Americas Quarterly on December 20, managing director of Cefeidas Group, Juan Cruz Díaz, was quoted on internal dynamics in Argentina’s ruling coalition, the Frente de Todos, and the implications of a recent open letter written by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in which she comments on Argentina’s debt with the International Monetary Fund as well as other issues.

Juan Cruz Díaz, a political analyst, has a positive view on the whole exchange. “I think with that letter, Cristina channeled discontent (within her faction) in a quite orderly way,” he says, compared to past instances of violent discontent in the streets. Seen in this light, Cristina Kirchner has a difficult task to fulfill within the ruling coalition: She must corral the left-wing groups in her orbit to support, at least reluctantly, government policies they may not like. Perhaps her letter, by registering discontent and obtaining concessions from the president, was a counterintuitively effective means of doing so.

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