Is Argentina’s New President Handling the Pandemic Well?

Latin America Advisor

On April 9, The Dialogue published a commentary by Cefeidas Group’s political and regulatory risk lead specialists Megan Cook and Marina Martínez de Hoz. They commented on President Alberto Fernández’s overall approval level, the government’s coronavirus crisis management approval ratings and the impact of the government’s measures moving forward, responding to the following questions:

New Argentine President Alberto Fernández’s approval ratings have soared amid his government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, surpassing 79 percent in three recent nationwide surveys, even as concerns of a deeper recession loom. Nearly 95 percent of those surveyed in a recent Analogías poll agree with the government’s strict quarantine measures. Why is Fernández seeing such strong approval ratings, and how much of the surge in popularity should be attributed to his coronavirus measures? Will the global recession undermine Fernández’s plans to get Argentina’s economy on a stronger footing? In the longer term, what will it take for Argentina to break out of its century-long struggle with boom-bust cycles and economic mismanagement?

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