Cristina Fernández is back centre stage in Argentina

Financial Times

In an article written by Benedict Mander for the Financial Times on December 15, Cefeidas Group managing director Juan Cruz Díaz was quoted on the influence Vice President Cristina Fernández will have in the Alberto Fernández administration.

“It’s political pragmatism. Alberto needs Cristina to be invested in the cabinet to avoid it being too weak. It’s the smartest thing to do,” said Juan Cruz Díaz, managing director at Cefeidas Group, a risk consultancy in Buenos Aires.

The president’s success and power will be determined by whether he can consolidate the electoral coalition into a governing coalition, said Mr Díaz. “There’s no doubt that Cristina will remain active, even if she may step back from day-to-day decisions,” he said. “But she will remain [an influential] political leader until the day she dies.”

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