Will New Economic Measures Boost Argentina’s Macri?

Latin America Advisor

On September 3, The Dialogue published a commentary by Cefeidas Group’s political and regulatory risk lead specialist Megan Cook. She commented on Argentina’s current economic situation and the impact of recent measures announced by President Macri, responding to the following questions:

Argentine President Mauricio Macri has appointed Hernán Lacunza to replace Nicolás Dujovne as finance minister following Dujovne’s resignation on Aug. 17, nearly a week after Peronist opposition candidate Alberto Fernández trounced Macri in the country’s primary elections. Days earlier, Macri had announced a series of economic measures designed to help Argentines through the recession, including hiking the minimum wage, temporarily freezing fuel prices and increasing help to small businesses. To what extent will Macri’s economic package alleviate citizens’ economic woes in the short and long terms, and will they win him support ahead of the October presidential election? What can Argentines and international markets expect from Lacunza and Macri’s government before his first term ends in December? What economic panorama will Argentina’s next president inherit, and is the country’s standby deal with the International Monetary Fund at risk?

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