Cefeidas Group Specialists hold seminar on doing business in Argentina with visiting New Zealand students

On July 16, Cefeidas Group’s Corporate Governance and Compliance Specialist Chris Burt and Political and Regulatory Risk Lead Specialist Megan Cook gave a presentation and held a seminar on doing business in Argentina to a group of visiting students from New Zealand and local Argentine students. The students were taking part in a week-long ‘Entrepreneurship in Argentina’ program organized with New Zealand’s Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence, the Young Enterprise Scheme and Puentes Abroad, where they conducted a series of visits to a range of companies in Argentina, culminating in a business challenge of preparing a company to enter the Argentine market. The presentation focused on describing the work that Cefeidas Group does across its multiple practices, before moving on to discuss the Argentine context for conducting business, and what elements to consider when planning to do so.