Argentines Shocked by IMF Loan Request

In an article written by Benedict Mander and John Paul Rathbone, for the Financial Times on May 9, managing director of Cefeidas Group, Juan Cruz Díaz was quoted on Argentina’s decision to request assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Juan Cruz Díaz, a political analyst who runs the Cefeidas consultancy group in Buenos Aires, says “It’s Macri’s first serious crisis, the first big bump along the road…On Wall Street they may think this a good thing, but it will be much harder to sell this politically.”

Díaz, continues, “We are a long way from 2001. It is still a solid government — with problems, yes, and there have been a lot of criticisms of the way economic policy has been handled — but no one is questioning the strength or the capability of the government to run the country, which is what was happening in 2001.”

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