Novo Mercado: paving the way

Ethical Boardroom Magazine

In an article published for Ethical Boardroom Magazine Summer 2017 Edition, Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director, Santiago Chaher commented on the role of Latin American stock exchanges in shaping corporate governance across the region.

The article analyzes projects set to improve corporate governance across Latin America based on Brazil’s Novo Mercado; these include Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (ByMA) segment in Argentina and the Investor Relations Quality Issuer project in Colombia.

“Stock exchanges throughout Latin America have begun to realise the importance of good corporate governance in attracting investors after the success of Brazil’s Novo Mercado, a listing segment of B3 reserved for companies meeting high standards of corporate governance. If countries remain creative and build on what Novo Mercado has done, Latin America should have not just one, but several models of good corporate governance from which to establish regulations for the region.” 

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