Lead specialist in corporate governance at Cefeidas Group presents at BYMA seminar

BYMA event on corp gov

On September 19, lead specialist of corporate governance at Cefeidas Group, Soledad Aroz presented at Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA), a new stock exchange in Argentina.

The seminar, “Good corporate governance practices” was part of “BYMA by BYMA,” an ongoing series of events to present and promote BYMA’s work to its registered members. This event focused on why corporate governance matters to investors and companies.

BYMA invited Ms. Aroz to present with Julieta Artal Conte, a senior economic advisor at BYMA, on how corporate governance is a tool for growth and development within the stock market.

The event was held at the Argentine Capital Market Institute (IAMC). IAMC’s main objectives are to provide technical advice to registered brokers of BYMA and discuss the mechanics of Argentina’s capital market. IAMC works with professionals and public investors who see the stock market as an investment alternative.

BYMA now hopes to launch a new panel in 2018 to decide what higher requirements will be placed for corporate governance. Companies will have the option to voluntarily enter into this segment.