Argentina must follow Germany’s lead on health at G20

The Lancet Global Health’s blog

On September 12, The Lancet Global Health’s blog published a piece written by Cefeidas Group’s political risk specialist, Madeleine Elder.

Ms Elder commented on why Argentina – as next year’s first South American G20 host – must follow Germany’s lead on health and incorporate it on the agenda.

“Health ministers and secretaries across the Americas want to strengthen their health systems. In June this year, the Executive Committee of the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) approved a draft of the Sustainable Health Agenda for the Americas 2018-2030 (SHAA2030). The draft has been developed by a team of high-level representatives from 16 PAHO Member States, led by Ecuador. This month, all regional ministers will be asked to sign off on a final version at the Pan-American Sanitary Conference in Washington, D.C. If approved, the SHAA2030 will provide direction and political vision for health development in the Americas. Argentina, as head of G20 next year, should lead efforts to push ahead the final agenda, further strengthen health systems and advance universal health coverage (UHC) across the region and more broadly. It can do this by making health a key topic of the 2018 summit.”

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