Cefeidas Group thanks winter 2017 interns

We thank – Amanda Sztein and Suzanne Warshell – for their dedication and creativity while interns at Cefeidas Group during the winter of 2017. Amanda and Suzanne were valued members of the Political & Regulatory Risks/Strategic Affairs team and will be missed.

We wish Amanda and Suzanne all the best in their future endeavors – Amanda is finishing her studies at Johns Hopkins University while Suzanne is finishing her studies at Brown University.


“I chose Cefeidas to complement my graduate school studies on Latin America. The chance to learn about the ongoing political risk and regulatory challenges of the Southern Cone in Buenos Aires from experts bolstered my own knowledge of the region and furthered my analytical skills. I most enjoyed working in a team environment to work on both long-term analysis of legislation and the pivotal midterm election season. I greatly enjoyed working with the Cefeidas Group. The PolRisk team is incredibly bright and friendly, and motivated me to do my best work while giving helpful feedback.”

Amanda Sztein

I enjoyed taking control over my work and “owning” my projects. I felt empowered to make decisions about the projects and steer them in the direction that made sense to me. While others were always available for guidance and constructive criticism, I was trusted to work independently and shape my own work. I also benefited immensely from all of my co-workers. Everyone at Cefeidas is so knowledgeable about their work and always willing to share. Coming from around the world, I felt that every member of the team brought something different to the table. My co-workers and managers all had such unique perspectives on the topics Cefeidas works on. It truly is a global office, working on global issues. The blending of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives at Cefeidas is unlike any other work environment I’ve been in.

Suzanne Warshell

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