Managing director of Cefeidas Group presents at IDEA on corporate governance

IDEA poster

On August 4 2017, managing director of Cefeidas Group, Santiago Chaher, was invited in his capacity as co-director of Universidad de San Andres (UdeSA) on behalf of The Corporate Governance Program (PGC) as an international specialist in corporate governance to present at the fifth seminar organized by the Institute for the Business Development of Argentina (IDEA).  The seminar covered the latest trends in principles, regulations and good corporate governance practices at international, regional, and local levels.

Jorge Mantinan, Chair of the Government Division of IDEA Organizations and Director of the Argentine Institute of Corporate Governance (IAGO) invited Mr Chaher to speak.

IDEA is an Argentine institution that contributes to the development of production and competition in Argentine companies that integrates Argentina into the modern world.

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