Cefeidas Group Corporate Governance Analyst publishes journal article

Revista Argentina de Derecho Comercial y de los Negocios

Article written by Lourdes Arias

The Argentina Journal for Commercial and Corporate Law published a journal article written by Corporate Governance Analyst at Cefeidas Group, Lourdes Arias on December 27, 2016. The article titled, “Contratos parasociales: Sindicación de acciones” (Shareholder Agreements: The Syndication of Shares), analyzes behavior between shareholders, as specified by the shareholder agreement.

Ms. Arias considers the definition of the syndication of shares, how shareholder agreements are characterized, types of sThe Argentina Journal for Commercial and Corporate Law hare syndicates, the Argentine context and some controversial elements of shareholder agreements.

She concludes:

Today, these shareholder agreements are an extremely valuable tool, contributing to the governance and functioning of companies, even from the perspective of a minority shareholder. Thanks to these agreements, minority shareholders – many times dispersed and with little involvement in the company’s life – can come together to create an opposition group that allows them to be heard and impose their will at shareholders meetings.

To read the journal article please click here (in Spanish).