Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director quoted in the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking on the prospects of Corporate Governance in Argentina

The Cornerstone

In an article written by Delfina López Freijido and Miguel Ferreyra de Bone for The Cornerstone Journal of Sustainable Finance & Banking, Juan Cruz Díaz from Cefeidas Group was quoted about the prospects of corporate governance in Argentina”

“Integration would also entail catching up with globally accepted financial norms and regulation that enhances good corporate governance, as Juan Cruz Díaz, Managing Director at Cefeidas Group, recently highlighted. In this context, greater transparency and disclosure will be demanded from listed companies. Despite the fact that Macri’s administration has a clear intention of elevating corporate governance standards and related regulations, it’s yet too soon to see the results. The change of approach on macroeconomic policies and regulations was necessary, but the changes are not yet sufficient to create the ideal environment for Argentina to flourish as an emerging market.” 

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