Argentina Reaches Debt Deal With 2 Hedge Funds

The New York Times

In an article published by Alexandra Stevenson and Jonathan Gilbert for The New York Times on February 5, Juan Cruz Diaz from Cefeidas Group was featured commenting on Argentina’s offer to pay bondholders USD 6.5 billion.

If there is significant progress between the government and creditors over the proposal in the coming days, there is a chance the offer may also be debated during these special sessions, said Juan Cruz Díaz, a director at the Cefeidas Group, a political risk analysis firm in Buenos Aires. […] Senators respond largely to the interests of state governors. Across the political spectrum, these governors are keen to increase funding by issuing their own debt in international markets, Mr. Díaz said. “I believe Macri is very close to securing congressional support for the offer,” he added.

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