Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director and Analyst published by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas on what’s next for Argentina

Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director Juan Cruz Díaz and analyst Heidi Lough co-authored a piece published by the Americas Society/Council of the Americas on December 4. The article analyzes the implications of Mauricio Macri’s victory for Argentina, as well as the various challenges he will face when he becomes President.

In Argentina’s presidential runoff election on November 22, Mauricio Macri of the Let’s Change coalition triumphed over Daniel Scioli of the Victory Front (FPV) in a historic defeat for the Cristina Fernández de Kirchner administration and Peronism more broadly. As such, Argentine politics will enter unchartered territory starting December 10: Macri will be the first democratically elected president in almost a century who is neither a Peronist nor a member of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), and his Republican Proposal party, known as PRO in Spanish, will be the first in almost 30 years to control the presidency as well as the key electoral districts of Buenos Aires city and the Buenos Aires province. 

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