Argentina’s president-elect Macri promises an end to divisive politics

The Christian Science Monitor

In an article written by Jonathan Gilbert for The Christian Science Monitor, Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director Juan Cruz Díaz was quoted on Macri’s victory in the run-off presidential eleciton of November 22.

[…] as Peronism regroups and politicians battle for leadership, Macri has a window to lay the groundwork for his presidency, says Juan Cruz Díaz, a director at the Cefeidas Group, a political risk analysis firm here. “Peronism will be bruised,” Mr. Díaz says. “[Macri] will have six months to a year while [Peronists] reorganize to generate some quick wins.” These could include creating a more open relationship with the news media, with whom Kirchner clashed, and boosting public finances by enticing farmers to sell grain harvests for export rather than hoarding stocks in anticipation of a currency devaluation. 

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