Argentina faces tight presidential vote as economy sags

Turkish Weekly

In an article by Charles Newbery for Turkish Weekly, Francisco Resnicoff from Cefeidas Group was quoted about the economic challenges faced by Argentina’s presidential candidates.

“The government has accumulated a series of economic imbalances,” said Francisco Resnicoff, a political analyst at Cefeidas Group in Buenos Aires. While the economic plans of the three candidates all call for austerity, Resnicoff said Scioli would have an easier time in implementing such measures because he has wide support among governors and labor unions. Massa also has such support.

Macri does not and that will expose him to opposition and strikes against any measures that affect jobs, salaries and consumer-purchasing power, he said. “The economic changes that are needed require a level of political dialogue and maneuvering that will be harder for Macri to implement,” Resnicoff said. “He does not have the allies.”

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