What Issues Are Driving Argentina’s Presidential Race?


On May 11, 2015, Juan Cruz Díaz, Managing Director of Cefeidas Group was featured in the Inter-American Dialogue‘s Latin American Advisor commenting on “Argentines will go to the polls in October to select a new president and members of Congress. In early April, a poll by consulting firm Poliarquía had Daniel Scioli of the ruling Front for Victory party leading the race with 33.4 percent of the vote, while Mauricio Macri of the Republican Proposal (PRO) party had 27.3 percent and Sergio Massa of the Renewal Front trailed with 20.1 percent. What issues are driving the race? What is at stake in the race in terms of foreign investment in Argentina and the government’s battle with socalled “holdout” bondholders? What influence is outgoing President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner having on the election?”  To read the comments, please click here.