Cefeidas Group’s Managing Director interviewed for A-SGOS 2015 on “Argentina’s Shale Ambition”

A-SGOS 2015

Juan Cruz Díaz, Managing Director of Cefeidas Group was interviewed for the A-SGOS 2015 (Argentina Shale Gas and Oil Summit 2015) on “Argentina’s Shale Ambition.”

Mr. Díaz, offering a more long-term view about this issue, expressed that Cefeidas Group believes “that the shale industry could take off in Argentina within the next decade.” To read the full interview. please click here.

Mr Juan Cruz Díaz will be speaking at A-SGOS 2015 which is taking place at the Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel & Convention Center on 18th – 19th May, please visit www.a-sgos.com for more information.