Fernández likely to see out term with battle cry for ‘fatherland’

Financial Times

In an article written by Benedict Mander for The Financial TimesJuan Cruz Díaz from Cefeidas Group was quoted about Argentina’s political situation:

“Nevertheless, while the government may be struggling to manage the economy, Juan Cruz Díaz of Cefeidas, a political consultancy in Buenos Aires, says Ms Fernández remains firmly in control of the political agenda. “She is very much in charge, although her strength depends on whether the economy holds up or not,” he says. Regardless of the results, Mr Díaz believes it is unlikely Ms Fernández will exit power before the end of her term, like so many Argentine presidents before her, most recently when the country last defaulted in 2001. “It doesn’t suit anyone for her term to end early, or for there to be an institutional crisis,” he says, predicting that the leading figures of Argentina’s dominant political movement, known as Peronism, will continue to support the president until the end of her term.”

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