Cefeidas’ Managing Director speaks at the International Corporate Governance Network 2011 General Meeting in Paris

Mr. Davis & Mr. Chaher at IGCN 2011

At the ICGN Annual Conference 2011 (#ICGN11) in Paris Santiago Chaher and Eric Jackson encouraged the audience to discuss the growing influence of Social Media in governance practices and shareholder activism in a session moderated by Stephen Davis. The following questions were then asked to the audience: (1) How are social media changing the behavior of institutional investors–both in respect of value creation and in relationships with beneficiaries? (2) How can corporate boards adapt to risks and opportunities posed by social media? (3) How are social media affecting the behavior and influence of stakeholders in relation to companies and investors?

The session was live tweeted and you can see the story line here or search the hashtag #SMCG.