[Publicado el 21/10/21] 

Cefeidas Group is seeking a professional to incorporate to our Corporate Governance team, Stewardship & Sustainability. Interested candidates should send their CV (one page without photo, gender or marital status) and a cover letter by email to Email subject: “CSS Search – Cefeidas Group”.

Role and Responsabilities

  • Analyze and evaluate corporate governance and sustainability practices in companies or organizations according to international standards and best practice.
  • Anallyze local and regional regulation in corporate and corporate governance / sustainability matters.
  • Understand the interests and expectations of institutional investors and development banks regarding corporate governance and sustainability practices.
  • Participate in relevant academic activities on matters of corporate governance and corporate sustainability.
  • Extend networks with actors in the local and regional market.
  • Write diagnostic reports, guides, documents and codes related to corporate governance and sustainability.
  • Create management and communication strategies on sustainability and corporate governance issues, especially in relation to stakeholders.
  • Collaborate in integrity investigations as part of due diligence processes.


Essential Requirements

  • Practical, logical and problem-oriented thinking.
  • Preferably graduated lawyer and with experience in the areas of corporate law, international law and / or capital markets. Other related careers and related to the areas of work described are welcome.
  • Two years of prior work experience.
  • Excellent level of English (reading, writing and speaking).
  • Ability to work independently and in a team.
  • Ability and willingness to adapt to new projects in a flexible and dynamic environment.


About Cefeidas Group

Location: Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Cefeidas Group is an international advisory firm that helps its clients advance their objectives in Latin America. We provide professional services in political and regulatory risk and strategic affairs, business intelligence and research, corporate governance and compliance, and ESG and sustainability.