Political and Regulatory Risks

Cefeidas Group helps its clients make informed decisions. Providing information and analysis, we help our clients turn uncertainty into calculated risk.

Our expert risk-analysis of the political and regulatory environment in the Southern Cone (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay) empowers our clients to make informed decisions regarding their operations and investments in the region.

By closely monitoring and interpreting relevant local and international developments, Cefeidas Group excels at providing concise, straightforward and timely analysis to all of our clients. Our services are varied and always custom-tailored to individual needs and preferences. Cefeidas Group delivers insightful written analysis, including reactive analyses of specific events, early warning of strategic risks and opportunities, in-depth research reports and stakeholder mapping and engagement strategies. Our team is also committed to supporting our clients in person, whether through face-to-face briefings, presentations at Board meetings and conferences, or simply a discussion over the phone.

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As a boutique firm based in Buenos Aires, we offer our clients the following advantages:


  • In-depth, on-the-ground knowledge of the political and regulatory environment in the Southern Cone
  • Timely, unbiased and customized reports
  • Political staff drawn from a wide range of disciplines, including law and academia
  • A broad network of sector experts and key decision-makers, within Latin America and further abroad
  • Direct access to our consultants

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Case Studies


Evaluating the threat posed by union protests
The emergence of a new union structure in Argentina was generating concern among the senior management of an S&P 500 mining company, many of whom were concerned about the impact that related strikes and protests could have on their project. To best prepare the client, Cefeidas produced a comprehensive power map of Argentina’s union framework, including a detailed explanation of the reasons behind the sudden and significant changes that were taking place. In particular, the report highlighted the emergence of a key player and explained how their presence was likely to influence the future trajectory of the union movement across the country. Cefeidas also conducted conference calls and delivered presentations to the company’s Board of Directors to keep management abreast of any sudden changes in the local environment and advise them of both the immediate and longer-term risks to their project. Our timely assessments enabled the client to accurately calculate the risks presented by the volatile situation and adequately prepare for any potential strikes or protests within their area of operation.
International road show support
In 2013, a Canadian mining and metals company operating in Argentina’s western region was seeking to gain international exposure in order to sell its current projects. To successfully position the company for a large-sum acquisition, Cefeidas provided M&A support for a road show – including events across the United States and the United Kingdom – designed to attract the attention of the world’s leading mining companies. As part of this, Cefeidas prepared a suite of supporting material, including PowerPoint presentations and information packs that explained the political, economic and regulatory environment in the western province as well as the broader opportunities and challenges faced by companies seeking to invest in Argentina. Through this material – including a series of complex yet persuasive charts, graphs and power maps – prospective buyers successfully gained a nuanced understanding of the on the-ground realities. The road show was a resounding success, attracting numerous multinationals, analysts and fund managers and ultimately resulting in a quick and profitable acquisition.
Briefings for corporate executive and shareholder tour to Argentina
In the context of deteriorating market conditions, both locally and abroad, the Board of Directors of a NYSE-listed multinational corporation sought to gain further insight into its operations in Argentina. To do so, the company’s local office required assistance coordinating a high-profile shareholder and investor tour with key stakeholders. Given our in-depth local knowledge, Cefeidas provided key support by drafting written briefings with extensive background context of the prevailing macroeconomic and political environment as well as an analysis of the outlook for the mining industry at both the provincial and national levels. Throughout the process, Cefeidas worked diligently under strict time constraints, offering support to the CEOs of several leading global mining companies and boosting local office capabilities. Cefeidas’ analysis successfully equipped the trip participants to make informed decisions about the project’s future.
Examining land law’s impact on project feasibility
While seeking to advance its local mining project on Argentina’s border, a global natural resources company was alerted to a federal law restricting the use of land along the country’s perimeter. This discovery had led to shareholder concerns and uncertainty regarding the project’s feasibility. To provide the necessary context, Cefeidas first prepared an in-depth explanation of the local, provincial and federal regulatory environment in Argentina. Our team of lawyers then conducted a thorough legal analysis of the law itself, including an explanation of its rationale and specific application to our client’s project. Following the delivery of the report, we organized a series of conference calls with the company’s CEO and Board of Directors to offer the senior management the opportunity to ask detailed questions and gain a thorough understanding of the legal risks and broader political landscape. Cefeidas’ detailed recommendations empowered our client to navigate the complicated regulatory environment and mitigate the principal risks, thereby ensuring shareholder satisfaction.