Corporate Governance and Compliance

Cefeidas Group helps our clients develop and strengthen sound corporate governance and compliance strategies. It produces objective, sophisticated and in-depth research, assessments and implementation programmes, company-comparable benchmark analyses, due diligence work, strategic advice and corporate governance-related documents.

At Cefeidas Group, our in-depth assessments and implementation programs in both corporate governance and compliance help our clients to develop the best possible strategy to advance their goals.

We work with key leaders of companies across a diverse range of industries to introduce and strengthen sound corporate governance and compliance practices through the use of innovative initiatives. As a best practice leader, Cefeidas Group excels at producing objective, sophisticated and informed research, assessments, implementation programs, strategic advice and other corporate governance-related documents. Our team is also committed to supporting our clients in person, whether through face-to-face briefings, presentations at Board meetings and conferences, or simply a discussion over the phone.

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We offer our clients the following advantages:


  • Knowledge of the local and regional market: in-depth, on-the-ground knowledge of the regulatory environment and market practices in Latin America
  • Tailored services: flexibility to adjust easily to our clients’ needs and provide close client care
  • Professional and experienced staff: expert staff drawn from a wide range of disciplines including law, business management, government and finance, offering years of experience working with international and domestic companies and institutions, making our firm one of the region´s leading experts in the development of innovative improvements and solutions

We work with

  • Family Owned Businesses
  • Startups & entrepreneurs
  • Public & private corporations
  • State owned enterprises
  • Financial institutions
  • Development financial institutions
  • Investment funds

Case Studies


Professionalizing and preparing a family-owned business for the future

A Brazilian family-owned business (FOB) received financing from an international investor. The investor approached Cefeidas Group with a request to appraise the FOB’s corporate governance practices.

Family members of the business had expressed interest in becoming professionally involved in corporate matters. In order to professionalize the company and create value – while allowing the family to stay involved – the FOB needed advice on succession planning, setting up a board and creating structures and policies. Cefeidas Group experts reviewed the company’s corporate governance activities, and in visits to Brazil, conducted face-to-face interviews with key company executives, external advisors, shareholders and stakeholders. Experts also completed an extensive analysis and review of corporate documents.

With this information, Cefeidas Group experts made a series of recommendations based on international best practice in corporate governance. Recommendations were also tailored to ensure both the client’s needs and the requirements of the international investor. The main areas of analysis focused on the company’s commitment to good corporate governance, its board structure and functioning, the control environment, transparency and disclosure and the treatment of minority shareholders. The company, with the help and guidance of Cefeidas Group experts, is now in the process of implementing corporate governance practice recommendations based on a two-year improvement plan. Once fully implemented, a board will have been created, policies established, a succession plan developed and control structures and procedures strengthened.

Aligning a financial institution’s corporate governance practices with national regulations and international best practice

A leading Paraguayan financial institution experienced a series of changes to its ownership. When a foreign development bank confirmed a multi-million dollar investment, an assessment of the financial institution’s existing corporate governance practices was requested. The financial institution hired Cefeidas Group to ensure the institution’s approach was compliant with a new Paraguayan regulation and in line with international best practice.

Prior to the assessment, the financial institution had actively implemented a number of corporate governance practices. Cefeidas Group analyzed a series of documents on the institution’s corporate governance-related policies and practices. It also conducted a number of interviews with relevant parties. This process allowed the financial institution’s team to review its practices and processes. Once a number of key improvement areas were identified, Cefeidas Group recommended concrete measures to ensure advancement and benchmarking with industry. As the institution’s team was involved in all stages of the assessment, the exercise not only ensured compliance but also facilitated institutional learning.

Training SMEs to strengthen corporate governance and risk management

With uncertain financial markets in Latin America, a strong internal control environment mitigates risk. To do this, businesses should have internal controls in place such as board monitoring, robust audits and policies, and a balance of power between Chairs and CEOs.

Development financial institutions regularly finance private small- and medium-enterprises (SMEs). As part of their service, DFIs often provide training focused on building SMEs’ capacity around corporate governance. A DFI hired Cefeidas Group to provide corporate governance and risk management training to private SMEs operating in Latin America.

Held in Paraguay, the Cefeidas Group training was both practical and interactive. Targeted at compliance officers across the region, it used adult-learning techniques to ensure participants turned their knowledge into practice. Discussions, team-based case studies and Q&As meant participants learned about corporate governance practices, internal controls and how best to implement these.

Cefeidas Group has also provided training and knowledge management on internal controls and other corporate governance topics to the World Bank Group, Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC), and the Latin American Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LAVCA). We are internationally recognized as the leading experts in corporate governance capacity building in Latin America.